Close Encounters of the Jesus Kind Sermon Series

Since the dawn of time, story tellers have let their imaginations run wild as they’ve sought to impress their listeners with the possibilities posed by the interaction of humans and extraterrestrials. In lore and legend, fairy godmothers have transformed lives of drudgery into lives of delight. In his War of the Worlds radio drama, Orson Welles terrified an entire nation with his descriptions of an already-in-progress Martian takeover. Some four decades ago the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind gave substance to what it might be like to interact with space aliens. Without exception, the stories of such encounters have revolved around high emotion, intense fear, overwhelming joy, altered perspectives. Which brings us to the “Ultimate Extraterrestrial”—the One we spent much of December’s church-going focused on: Jesus. In a series titled “Close Encounters of the Jesus Kind,” Pastor Jim Coffin will look at the exchanges that took place between an out-of-this-world Being and a dozen or so of the women and men He met during his earthly sojourn.

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